Dance Classes

All Boys Hip Hop
This is an "all boys class", sorry girls! Students will learn all those cool hip-hop moves along with basic break dancing skills!

Ballet (Beg)
Class introduces elementary classical ballet.  This consists of placement of the body, legs, arms and head.  This class is also designed to develop skills such as musicality and rhythm.


Ballet (Int/Adv)
Class is designed to develop a classical ballet dancer.  Careful attention to develop proper turnout, feet, arms, and body placement.  In this level the study of jumps and various turns will be taught.  This class will learn Ballet Technique and Center work such as complex adagio and allegro.


Ballet (adv)
Class will consist of classical ballet barre, jumps, stretches, turn, adagios and combinations across the floor.  Alignment, vocabulary, musicality and flexibility will be stressed. Upon review and approval students may be on Pointe during this class.


This class will help build strength and stamina while teaching precision and co-ordination.  These classes will teach basic to advanced cheerleading dance routines, chants ,cheers, jumps and basic stunts.


Hip Hop (Beg)
Basic combinations to introduce the student to various styles of street hip hop.  This class moves at a slower pace giving the student shorter combinations in order to develop basic moves.


Hip Hop (Adv)
Class will be a fusion of today's top level choreographers and will combine the elements of Hip-Hop, street and funk as seen in today's music videos in longer combinations in order to challenge the student.


Jazz (Beg)
Class is designed as an introduction basic jazz technique.  Focusing on basic jazz positions, turns, jumps, and leaps.  Students will also learn center and across the floor progression as well as proper stretching techniques to enhance strength and flexibility.  This class most importantly will teach students to have fun and enjoy the excitement of dance.


Jazz (Int/Adv)
This is an advanced jazz class designed to augment basic jazz training.  It will continue basic skills learning positions, turns, jumps, and leaps as well as elements of dance conditioning.  For the serious dancer, it is strongly recommended, but not required to take a ballet class to complement jazz training.


A class that is essential for a dancer to perfect all sorts of leaps, turns and jumps.  This class will break down the technique needed to master this technical and critical part of a dancer's career.


Line Dancing
A little bit of Country & a little bit of Hip Hop! Get your groove on and learn fun an easy line dances. Students will learn popular country and hip hop line dances. No prior dance experience needed.

Little Princess Ballet (Beg)
Your child will experience a warm and supportive atmosphere in this class.  Class will combine classical ballet with magic wands that will foster the child's imagination.  Costumes will be introduced based on the classics of Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty!

Little Stars
This class incorporates singing, movement through music and dance to develop physical skills, channel energy, stimulate imaginations and promote creativity. This joyful class will enrich their overall learning experience.


A fusion of ballet and jazz dance techniques which challenges the choreographer and dancer to use creative movement for interpretation.


Class will consist of post-Hawkins release technique focusing on alignment, core strength and moving from your center; along with improvisation exercises to encourage ensemble, creative thinking and build composition skills.


Mommy & Me
In this class children can discover the excitement of dance as well as share a special time between mother and child. This will give an opportunity for children to sing, stretch, and increase self-confidence while being introduced to basic dance concepts with the security of mom.  Ages: 2-5 yrs.

Musical Theater
Add some drama to your life and come explore the world of singing, acting and dancing. This class will focus on some famous sequences from well known musicals such as West Side Story, Annie, 42nd Street and Hairspray.


Street Jazz
Street Jazz is a dance form combining jazz, hip hop and funk.  This style of dance can be seen in the latest hip-hop, pop and R&B videos.


Tap (Beg)
Class is designed to be fun and teach elementary tap skills.  Designed to teach rhythm and musicality with your feet.  Basic skills will be learned and students will gain the ability to be able to work within a wide range of choreographic styles.


Tap (Int/Adv)
Technique is taught through rhythm exercises, short combinations of steps and across the floor work which is then put together into a longer combinations.


The best of both worlds for the little one that is looking to explore two forms of dance. This is a great way to expose your child to two types of dance for the price of one.  Half hour segments are applied to each style of dance.


Vegas Jazz
What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas unless you try out this Vegas style Jazz class!  For a limited time only you can experience the thrill of dancing like a Vegas showgirl.  From high kicks, to the modern style of the Pussy Cat Dolls this class will cover Vegas style choreography.