Our Mission

It is the sole purpose of Rock City Dance to provide affordable quality dance & fitness classes to children and adults in a manner which will not only develop technical ability, but also personal self-esteem.  In order to accomplish these objectives our highly trained instructors will provide teaching programs to all levels of students, regardless of their level of proficiency and will treat each individual with equal care and consideration.

Both teaching and support personnel will adhere to our professional service standards and work together to provide an environment which is conducive to learning.  No one student or class will be more important than the other.

Rock City Dance caters to you, the client, and will develop a dance program that meets the student’s needs.  Our Company believes in providing a non-competitive environment and enforces healthy eating habits and lifestyles.

In conclusion, the Rock City Dance experience will be one that works as a team with the student and will enrich the student’s life by providing a positive experience.


Privacy Policy

Rock City Dance Inc. Will not share any of your personal information with any third parties.